Currently “Ukrtechnofoods” LLC is the unique manufacturer of automatic lines for hard biscuits in the countries of former Soviet Union.
At the beginning of 2019, the third automatic hard biscuits line was launched in the territory of Ukraine.
The company’s equipment is created at the highest level which makes possible to confidently enter the world market. Consequently, products under the UTF GROUP trademark operate in more than three dozen countries around the world from the USA to India.

Line with a capacity of 300 kg/h
Electric oven with a hearth width of 800 mm

Line with a capacity of 1200 kg/h
Gas oven with a hearth width of 1200 mm

Line with a capacity of 1000 kg/h
Pellet oven with a hearth width of 1200 mm

Our newest offer is the line of sugar biscuits.
As a result of in-depth work on the design of biscuit production equipment, our company has developed sugar biscuit production line. Currently, such line is being assembled for a customer from India.
In autumn, after the assembly is completed, demonstration runs of the line will be held, which will be open to those who are interested in modern equipment for the production of sugar biscuits.