Sevan Lavash line has launched in Yerevan

Sevan Lavash line has launched in Yerevan

Sevan lavash is a variety of Armenian lavash prepared using special technology. Thanks to its excellent taste, it is gaining the recognition of consumers around the world.

Sevan Lavash line has launched in Yerevan

The line developed by UTF GROUP represents the most advanced equipment for the production of Sevan lavash in the world. Key features of the line:

1. Automated the process of obtaining a dough piece, including:
– separation of a portion of the dough of the set weight
– getting the round dough pieces
– laying blanks across the entire width of the conveyor

2. The proofing of the dough is carried out inside the automatic conveyor chamber, which allows:
– provide optimal conditions for the proofing process
– guarantee the supply of blanks having undergone a full proofing cycle

3. The perfect design of the oven, which has:
– modern control system with a wide range of control parameters for baking
– low heat losses due to minimal gaps for product output and high-quality thermal insulation
– automatic removal of baked lavash from the hearth of the oven and laying it on the conveyor for feeding to humidification, stabilization and packaging

The CE certificate of conformity allows the UTF GROUP lavash equipment to operate on the territory of the EU countries.

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