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Multigrain chips line

UTF-GROUP manufactures industrial equipment for corn flour nachos and multigrain chips from a mixture of corn flour and wheat flour. These products are becoming more and more popular as a less-calorie and healthier alternative to traditional potato chips.

Machines for the production of flour chips

Forming of flour chips can be made in two ways: by direct forming out of dough or cutting out of dough ribbon.

For the first method rotor forming machines with replaceable drums are used; drums define the shape and size of product.

For the second method a pre-forming of dough ribbon is required; it is made by roller extruder, after that the width of ribbon is calibrated by the knife device, the surface of the dough ribbon is dried in a tunnel oven to preserve the shape of the pieces and prevent sticking of pieces after cutting.

Dough pieces of the required size are made on the cutting machine, at this size of chips is defined by replaceable cutting drums of the machine.

Preparation of chips is done by deep-frying of dough pieces in the fryer. A this the design of the fryer provides frying of a product fully immersed in the hot oil in order to ensure the best quality of the finished products.

The fryer is selected depending on the required capacity of the line.

Oil removal from the product is carried out on a special conveyor installed after the fryer.

The drum with dispenser of spices installed at the inlet provides the production of chips with different tastes, at this the design of the drum ensures an even distribution of spices throughout the product.

The cooling conveyor system, which is most conveniently designed according to the production area layout, brings the chips to the packing temperature.

Equipment for the production of chips from UTF-GROUP
  • production of chips from various types of dough
  • modern design for flexibility and easy integration of additional units
  • innovative solutions to meet the needs of the consumer
  • easy maintenance and long service life
  • optimal accessibility for effective cleaning
  • quality certificates
  • It has been long known that traditional potato chips are not a useful product, and in large quantities can even harm the body. Nevertheless, this information did not reduce the attractiveness of crispy potato slices to consumers.
    There is a search for products that could replace potato chips with more useful product all over the world. At the moment, the most popular alternative are chips made of flour. These products, made from corn flour or a mixture of corn flour and wheat flour, are becoming popular every year.
    The most known is the nachos chips. Along with them, there is a large number of other similar types of chips, which are produced under many names and trademarks in many countries of the world.

  • The most difficult and crucial step in production is to obtain dough pieces.

  • Forming of corn flour chips is a difficult technological process due to the features of corn dough. Therefore, the dough obtained in the mixers is fed directly into the hopper of the forming machine, which forms dough pieces.

  • Technologically, production of chips from a quite dense dough is much simpler. It gives the opportunity to get and process the dough ribbon made of it. For instance, from a mixture of corn and wheat flour.

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