Puff pastry machines

Puff pastry production line

UTF-GROUP manufactures a complete set of equipment for the production of puff pastry dough and products made of it. The range of such products is wide: from “tongues” and puff cookies to croissants with various fillings and cakes based on puff pastry.

machines for puff pastry production

Forming of a layered structure is made by cross-laying machines. The number and design of machines depend on the required number of layers. After each stage the multiroller performs a delicate rolling of the puff pastry ribbon.

Getting a layered dough ribbon is possible by laying of either the continuous dough as an “envelope” or guillotine-cut dough pieces of set length.

On our equipment it is possible to obtain puff pastry with the number of layers up to 288.

Production of puff pastry begins with the production of dough ribbon. It is formed on a roll extruder and brought to a certain thickness on a calibrator.

The next step is the forming of the fat layer, which is necessary to get a puff pastry. The fat extruder evenly places a layer of fat on the dough ribbon, after that the folding units place the ribbon over the fat layer. Fat feeding into the extruder can be automated.

Forming of dough pieces for puff pastry products and their decorating is made by a certain set of quick-detachable units for folding, multi-layering, putting surface notches, adding syrups and paste fillings, sprinkling with loose components etc.

Formed dough pieces are fed into the confectionery ovens of different types. For high-capacity production the most optimal choice is a confectionery tunnel oven.

UTF-GROUP produces modular electric tunnel ovens up to 40 m long with a hearth width up to 1200 mm. Due to a wide range of speed and temperature control as well as an individual setting of several baking zones it ensures the high quality of product baking.

Equipment for the production of puff pastry from UTF-GROUP
  • maximum automation of the production process
  • ability to work with yeast and yeast-free puff pastry
  • production of the products which meet modern consumer standards
  • modern design and ergonomics
  • materials and components of the highest standards of hygiene and safety
  • European quality certificates
  • Puff pastry – perfect material for the production of confectionery

  • Delicious taste of puff pastry and wide opportunities for its use attract the attention of both confectioners and those who love sweets.
    Confectionery products made of puff pastry are produced by many enterprises from small bakeries to large confectionery factories. Manual production requires high skills of confectioner. Therefore, with a growing production volume, equipment for puff pastry production with various degrees of automation is required

  • Automated puff pastry production

  • Getting puff pastry is a time-consuming and complex process. As a rule, at small production volumes it is produced manually or by using ready frozen dough. Automatic forming is required only in such cases when the enterprise produces a large volume of puff pastry products or large batches of frozen puff pastry.

  • UTF-GROUP produces automatic lines for puff pastry production at the modern technical level. Due to its advanced design, it allows getting a product of a stable high quality with a minimum amount of fat (up to 15%).


  • Our lines work with various types of puff pastry: yeast, yeast-free, Danish, gluten-free.

  • The company produces puff pastry lamination lines, puff pastry forming lines, confectionery tunnel ovens, croissant machines and a large number of additional machines and units for working with puff pastry.

  • The equipment can work both as an independent unit and as a part of automatic complex lines for the complete production cycle of puff pastry: from dough production to packing of finished products.

  • Due to a wide range of interchangeable decoration units and equipment our industrial puff pastry machine ensures the production of a wide range of ready products in the automatic mode.

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