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UTF-GROUP, the leading manufacturer of food processing equipment in Eastern Europe, produces a wide range of equipment for the tortilla production. The fully automatic industrial tortilla baking machine from UTF-GROUP is the best solution for those who want to organize or expand the production of Mexican tortilla.


The dough loaded into the hopper of the divider is pumped with augers into the heads of the divider, where a steel string separates the dough portions. The design provides a uniform flow what allows achieving high accuracy and stability of the weight of the portions which are being separated.

Forming of tortilla dough pieces of a set thickness and diameter is performed by an automatic tortilla press with heating. The design and dimensions of the press make it possible to produce tortilla with high accuracy of sizes and shapes.

Dough pieces are fed to a compact two-level tunnel oven which allows getting the product of excellent quality evenly baked from both sides.

The oven is equipped with temperature controllers with a wide range of regulation to control the baking zones. The speed of the conveyor and the baking time of the product are also regulated.

After the baking finished products are cooled on conveyors. The number of tiers, the sizes and position of conveyors are determined individually depending on the available production areas.

Tortilla, cooled to the temperature required for the packaging, is fed to the packing table or conveyor.

For the convenience of packing, it is possible to install a special double-row stacker, which groups tortilla into two piles with subsequent automatic feeding to the packaging. Counting and adjustment of the number of products in piles are programmed individually.

industrial tortilla machine UTF GROUP is:
  • high accuracy of shape and thickness
  • production of tortilla in two ways - from dough balls and dough ribbon
  • compact high-capacity line that does not require large premises
  • compliance with food safety standards
  • European quality certificates
  • Mexican tortilla is considered to be made of corn flour only, but in some regions of Mexico wheat tortilla has also a long history.

    The wheat tortilla is now widely used not only in the preparation of traditional dishes of Mexican, Spanish and Latin America cuisine but also in many other dishes. It is used directly as a snack, it is added to soups and salads, various fillings are wrapped in it.

    In retail stores and fast food chains the range of sold tortilla is increased at the expense of additional flavors – cheese, spinach, green onions and others.

    Production of healthy food is a new trend in the world food production. In accordance with it, tortilla manufacturers have begun to produce gluten-free, low-calorie, organic and yeast-free types of tortilla.

    Due to its elasticity, durability, the possibility of freezing and long shelf life, tortilla is widely used in fast food in the production of beefrolls, donner kebab, burrito etc.

  • Machine production of tortilla is carried out in two ways.

  • The first method is the automation of the traditional process of tortilla making – pressing a portion of dough of a set weight with its subsequent baking. Such tortilla is in demand as a ready-to-use product.

  • The second way is to cut a round piece from the dough ribbon. At this method, products of stable size with clear edges are made. Such tortilla is in a great demand in fast food chains due to the big diameter and small thickness what significantly reduces the weight and the net cost of products while maintaining their consumer properties.

  • UTF-GROUP manufactures equipment for the production of tortilla both by pressing and cutting out of dough ribbon.

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