Bread ring production machines

Bread ring production line

UTF-GROUP manufactures equipment for the production of bread rings and other ring-shaped products. Using of UTF-GROUP automatic and semi-automatic machines for the industrial production of bread rings provides the high efficiency of investments.

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To obtain high-quality dough for bread rings a wide range of dough preparing equipment is manufactured, including stiff dough kneaders and rubbing machines.

Forming of dough pieces is made by a wide range of new generation bread ring forming machines that allow producing a great number of product types with high accuracy of shape and size as well as minimum amount of waste.

Chambers with steam supply and discharge system, mounted on a tunnel oven, provide steam processing.

Steam can be fed by different capacity electric steam generators manufactured by our company.

Baking is carried out in a tunnel oven with a wide regulation of temperature and baking time in order to get different types of bread ring products.

Cooling of finished products is made by conveyor systems of different design and set.

Equipment for the production of bread rings from UTF-GROUP
  • complex solution for organizing the turnkey production of bread rings
  • possibility of full automation of the process
  • new generation bread ring machine that ensures high quality of the finished products
  • integration with existing equipment
  • high performance at low cost
  • well-adjusted service
  • Bread ring production – profitable investment

  • Bread ring products are traditionally popular in the former Soviet Union countries and in Eastern Europe. This classic type of traditional Slavic pastry is one of the attractive areas for business development due to the ease of manufacturing, long shelflife and a high price of products in relation to the cost of raw materials. All this makes the production of bread rings a reasonable investment. Many manufacturers strive to have these products in their product range as a primary or secondary product.


  • Production of various types of bread rings has a large number of features both at the stage of dough preparing and at the stages of dough pieces forming and baking.
    Different sizes, proofing times, baking times and temperatures require a high level of variability of equipment. It is necessary to provide optimal conditions for every type of the product. Besides, the planned capacity is one more factor influencing requirements to the equipment.

    That is why each project for the production of bread rings requires careful consideration in order to ensure maximal equipment efficiency.


  • The first step in the production of bread rings is the preparation of dough. To do this the necessary ingredients are prepared, batched and fed to a horizontal dough mixer, where the dough preparation process takes place.

    Before feeding to the following operations dough must be compacted and air bubbles must be removed out of it. For this it passes through a pair of rolls with a variable clearance of the rubbing machine several times. The dough processed in this way is fed to the proofing to achieve the final readiness.

    Ready dough is fed into the bunkers of bread ring forming machines, which form the dough pieces of a given shape and size. All pieces made on several machines are stacked on one collecting conveyor. The number of machines and the width of conveyor depends on the capacity of the line. Final proofing of products is also made on the conveyor system.

    Formed pieces are transferred for baking in the tunnel oven. In order to fix the shape and give a glossy shine before baking pieces are scalded with a hot steam in a scalding chamber, which is installed on the receiving part of the tunnel oven. Steam can be supplied centrally or from a separate steam generator. After scalding pieces enter the baking chamber of the oven, where the baking process takes place.

    After the baking finished products are cooled and fed to a manual or automatic packaging.


  • Requirements to the capacity and product range are solved by applying a different number of forming machines, different configurations of technological equipment and oven parameters. The number of bread ring machines can be increased from one to two, three or five pieces. Replacing the pneumatic drive of the machine with an electromechanical allowed us to increase the accuracy of the shape and size of the pieces and eliminate the use of compressed air.

  • It must be noted that the production of various types of bread rings on one oven requires a wide range of temperature and speed control (as the baking time for different types can vary from 9 to 18 minutes, and the baking temperature – from 165 to 290 C).

  • The use of UTF-GROUP electric steam generators of various models, selected on the basis of the required capacity of the line, as well as of scalding chambers with the utilization of steam makes it possible to produce bread rings with an attractive shiny surface.

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