Pita production line

    Pita is round flat unleavened bread, which is made of wheat flour. It is extremely popular on the cost of Mediterranean Sea and in the Middle East countries.

   The distinguish feature of traditional Arabic pita is that water steam, which is created in the dough during baking, is accumulated in the bubble in the middle of flat bread thus dividing layers of dough. In this way a “pocket”, which can be opened by cutting the edge with sharp knife, is formed. You can put a salad or meat inside.
     UkrTechnoFoods specialists developed the modern automatic line for pita and chapatti production. The capacity of line is 3000 pcs/h. The line is universal and unique as it allows producing different types of national flatbread.
Set of equipment:

  1. Dough divider
  2. Feeding conveyor
  3. Preliminary proofing cabinet
  1. Rolling machine
  2. Final proofing cabinet
  3. Tunnel oven
  4. Spiral cooling conveyor
Dough preparing section:

  1. Flour sifter
  2. Flour batcher
  3. Dough kneading machine

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Key features of pita and chapatti production line:

  • high capacity;
  • operation in the round-the-clock-mode;
  • high level of automation and small number of maintenance staff;
  • possibility to produce other types of flatbread;
  • conformity to European requirements to food safety;
  • short payback period.

Technological process of pita production:

   Flour is loaded into flour sifter, from where with the help of screw conveyor it is fed to the flour batcher for weighing the required portion and loading it into the bowl of dough kneading machine. Water is added using a water batcher, all other ingredients are added manually. During the kneading process a homogenous elastic mass is made, further it is loaded into the bunker of dough dividing machine for getting pieces of the required weight.  

   Ready dough pieces are transferred to the conveyor for preliminary proofing. After passing preliminary proofing dough pieces are fed to the dough rolling machine, where they obtain a flat shape.  Rolled pieces are transferred to a many-tier conveyor for proofing before entering the tunnel oven.  

   In the tunnel oven a flexible temperature control system for thermal heat creation (required for layering) and required baking level is foreseen.  After the baking pita is cooled on a spiral conveyor and fed to the packaging section.

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