Tortilla equipment – automatic production line for food industry

Automatic wheat tortilla production line is the latest development of UkrTechnoFoods company.

Automatic wheat tortilla production lines have the capacity up to 1500 pcs/h, and diameter of the dough piece varies from 160 mm to 250 mm. Capacity of the tortilla production line is aimed at medium-size enterprises, which will be able to easily supply a want of this product in their regions.

Set of equipment:


1. Dough divider

2. Press

3. Feeding conveyor

4. Tunnel oven

5. Cooling conveyor

6. Inclined conveyer

7. Two-row stacker

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Our automatic line for tortilla production is designed to operate in the-round-the-clock mode with the involvement of a small number of staff.

Tortilla manufacturing equipment is certified according to European standards and has the appropriate certificates. The design of tortilla line ensures complete safety of its operation. The line meets the hygienic requirements of food enterprises. Only modern high quality materials are used in the production.

Mexican tortilla is the exotic flat bread which is becoming extremely popular throughout the CIS market and has a great popularity in the world being the main component for a variety of dishes.

Nowadays there is the only one producer of tortilla in CIS countries, and only the imported product from Europe is presented in distribution networks.

UkrTechnoFoods company developed and introduced the best technological solution for its customers – commercial equipment that makes tortilla manufacturing process automatic.

Video tortilla production line


Specifications of the tortilla line with commercial making machine and automatic press:

Capacity, pcs./h 1500
Diameter, mm 160 – 250
Installed capacity, kW 60
Power consumption, kW 40
Overall dimensions (length*width* height), mm 17800*1350*2260
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Tortilla production line component parts:

Specially developed dough divider is easy-operated, easy-to-clean and maintain. Operative parts are made fully of stainless steel. For the exact control of the size and weight of dough pieces the divider is equipped with sensors. It is easy to regulate the necessary working mode of the tortilla line with the help of automatics (control unit on the operator’s panel).
Commercial automatic tortilla press provides forming of flat breads of the necessary thickness, which after that get to a two-level tortilla oven for baking. Automatic pressing allows getting uniform thickness and the required diameter, what directly affects the quality of the final product. For guaranteeing safe operation in the press a centering of conveyor belt is foreseen. Working zones of electric press have protection and blocking systems in order to ensure the safety of the maintenance staff.
Two-level tunnel oven with multilevel cooling bakes product from both sides allowing getting evenly baked perfect-quality tortilla in the fully automatic mode. Compact design of the tortilla oven with many-level cooling is developed in order to minimize the usage of the production space. In order to avoid heat losses the tortilla oven is insulated with special materials and coated with protection coverings made of stainless steel. Control panel is equipped with temperature regulators with a wide regulation range of the baking zones as well as conveyor speed regulation and baking time regulation.
Conveyor system with stacker puts preliminary set number of product into stacks with the help of sensors. It works in the automatic mode and is easily regulated from the control panel.

New product on the CIS market

Our goal was to provide customers with tortilla manufacturing equipment, classic recipes and technology, which would allow customers to enter the market and to produce a first-class product in order to compete with European producers.

As a result of long and painstaking experiments on tortilla equipment manufactured by us, we derived the optimal recipe and developed tortilla production technology in practice.

The complex recipe of the dough, which is held in strict confidence, allows us to obtain a product with excellent taste and long shelf life of up to two months with the purpose of optimization of sales processes, as well as logistics and storage.

Tortilla is made of corn, wheat flour as well as their mixtures.

Classical wheat tortilla is made on commercial tortilla making machine by pressing the dough piece, and tortilla made of corn flour is produced by cutting it out of the dough ribbon.

Many manufacturers of tortilla equipment for the production of different types of flat bread such as pita bread, lavash, yufka, chapatti, etc., declare that their equipment can also produce wheat tortilla.

However, contrary to their assertions, by rolling the dough ribbon with the following cutting of the dough pieces it is impossible to get a high-quality wheat tortilla, which is in demand all over the world.

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