Bread stick production equipment

Automatic line for bread stick production manufactured by UkrTechnoFoodsis intended for the production of various types of bread sticks in the continuous mode.

Оборудование для производства соломки

Set of the line:

1. Forming machine:
1.1. Dough strands extruder

1.2. Soda bath

1.3. Loose ingredients sprinkling device
1.4. Transverse knife
2. Tunnel oven
3. Cooling conveyor

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Additional options:

  • Installation of equipment for sprinkling breadsticks with loose ingredients (such as poppy seeds, sesame etc.) is possible.
  • To provide cooling and packaging of the finished product, it is possible to complete the line with a conveyor system. The design, size and placement of the conveyors depend on the oven used, the size and configuration of the production area and the customer’s wishes.

Technical features of the line:

  • The forming part of the breadstick production line is a separate set of equipment, which makes it possible to combine its operation with the operation of tunnel oven with a mesh hearth, already existing at the customer’s enterprise.
  • The permissible width of a mesh hearth of the ovenis from 500 mm to 1000 mm. The length of the baking chamber of the oven is up to 30 m.
  • When using two parallel working forming machines, it is possible to work with ovens with a width of hearth from 1000 mm to 2000 mm.
  • Dough strands are processed in a soda bath, what allows getting attractive appearance and high quality of the finished product. The temperature and level of the solution in the bath are maintained automatically.
  • The equipment is manufactured in accordance with the norms and standards of the food industry, work surfaces are made in accordance with the safety requirements to materials and products contacting food products.

Video of the equipment operation

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  • advice on all matters related to the purchase and operation of equipment;
  • development of a project for placing equipment at the customer’s production areas, including supply of communications;
  • travel of specialist to the company;
  • installation and commissioning of equipment;
  • training;
  • supply of spare parts and service;
  • warranty and non-warranty service.
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Technological process description:

Dough strands are formed on a roll extruder pos. 1.1, and the diameter of the dough strand (and accordingly the breadstick diameter) is determined by the dies, with the possibility of their quick replacement. After forming,by the mesh conveyor pos.1.2 dough strandsare fed to the soda bath pos.1.3, where they are subjected to preliminary heat treatment with heated soda solution, the temperature of which is maintained within 80-90 ° C. As a result of this treatment, the breadstick after baking will have a nice golden color and gloss. After the soda bath dough strands, if necessary, are sprinkled with loose ingredients by the optional sprinkling device pos. 1.4 and are cut by the transverse knife pos. 1.5 to the pieces of a given length. After that formed dough pieces are fed into the tunnel oven pos. 2 for baking. After the baking bread sticksare fed to the cooling and packaging conveyors (pos. 3-4).

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