Equipment for hearth bread production

Hearth bread is the type of bread previously made by the traditional baking method: a fermented dough piece was baked on the hearth of an often wood-fired oven. 

During proofing dough pieces rise both vertically and horizontally. After proofing and baking the dough pieces must retain a proper shape and volume. Matnakash is one of the types of hearth bread. It is a leavened traditional Armenian thick flatbread, translated as “pulled out by fingers”.UTF specialists developed the universal line for production and baking of matnakash and other types of hearth bread. The line significantly simplifies the technology and production process. This type of production doesn’t influence the quality of the product made on line. The capacity of such line is approximately 1000 pcs/h (depending on type, size and weight of the bread).

Set of equipment:

1. Dough dividing machine

2. Dough rounding machine

3. Conveyor

4. Stacker

5. Preliminary proofing chamber

6. Roller

7. Dough piece forming table

8. Final proofing chamber

9. Steam chamber

10. Steam generator

11. Tunnel oven

12. Branch conveyor

13. Cooling conveyor

Dough preparing section:

14. Bag lifting device

15. Flour sifter

16. Flour batcher

17. Dough kneading machine

18. Water batcher

Video of the hearth bread production lines in operation:

Advantages of the universal line for the production of the hearth bread (such as Armenian matnakash and similar types of bread):

  • high capacity;
  • a small number of staff;
  • uniform baking;
  • the ability to bake other types of bread;
  • quick payback;
  • the line can work around the clock.
 Being the developers of this equipment we can produce a line of lower or higher capacity at your request.

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Specifications of hearth bread production line:

Capacity, pcs/h 1000
Required staff, people 8
Installed capacity, kW 239
Power consumption, kW 165
Overall dimensions (length*width*height), mm 24000*12000*3000

We also provide our customers with the following business services:

● consultations on the organization of production and selection of necessary technological equipment;

● individual development of the equipment taking into account the requirements of the customer and the layout of the production premises;

● completing and upgrading existing lines and equipment;

● training of personnel to work on our equipment;

● pre-commissioning, warranty and aftersales service.

The hearth bread line works as follows:

Bags of flour are manually installed on the bag lifting device, automatically raised and overturned into a sifter. The flour is sieved and fed into a flour batcher, where it is automatically dosed and fed to the dough kneading machine. Heated water from the system of automatic heating and dosing of water is also fed to the dough kneading machine, the remaining ingredients according to the recipe are added.

When the kneading is finished, the dough is manually fed to the table of the dividing-rounding section. Then the dough is loaded into the hopper of the dough divider, where the pieces of the specified weight are formed. After dividing the dough piece is fed to the belt rounder, from which, through the conveyor, they fall onto the distributor of the preliminary proofing chamber. The stacker places them in rows in craddles.

After proofing, the dough pieces are manually stacked in pallets and fed to the forming section along the roller table. Forming is made manually by 3 people that put pieces on baking trays. Further, the baking trays are fed into the final proofing chamber from where, after passing the steam humidification chamber, they enter the tunnel oven.

After the oven, the operator removes the baked dough pieces from the baking tray on the table. From the table through the branch conveyor the operator delivers the dough pieces to the cooling conveyor, where they are blown by the fans. At the exit of the cooler, the operator puts the bread on the shelves, where it is cooled to room temperature, then fed to the packaging.

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