Matzo production equipment

Matzo is a Jewish unleavened flatbread, which is used mainly during the celebration of Pesach, and recently in everyday life as well. This product is distributed all over the world.“UkrTechnoFoods” offers equipment for the production of matzo. The matzo production line is manufactured in Ukraine and is fully automatic. The capacity of the line is 100 kg/h.
Line composition:

1. Extruder with a spreader

2. Conveyor with roller

3. Three-head rolling machine

4. Forming table

5. Tunnel oven

In matzo production it is possible to produce kosher matzo for the Pesach holiday. In the rest of the time it is possible to produce other types of matzo for everyday use according to a change in demand: salted matzo, matzo in chocolate, matzo with onion flavour or pepper, sweetened matzo.

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Advantages of matzo production line:

  • the equipment is designed to work around the clock;
  • design of the line provides easy technological cleaning and meets international hygiene requirements;
  • the line is easily adjusted to produce different types of products;
  • the cycle of production of the finished product is not more than 18 minutes, what allows avoiding fermentation of dough;
  • it is possible to produce a rectangular and round matzo on the line.

Technical description of matzo production process

Wheat flour is fed into the kneading machine (flour made of emmer, barley, rye, oats can also be used), where the mixing of dough is made. After that, the dough is fed to the extruder, where the dough ribbon is formed, and further on the conveyor belt it acquires the required thickness on the rolling machines. In order to reduce fermentation, the dough is punctured by a special machine. This process allows you to remove the “bubbles” of air from the dough ribbon.

After that, the edges are cut and the products are shaped. The peculiarity of our equipment is that it can produce both rectangular and round matzo. It is innovation for industrial production of matzo, since matzo of round shape was produced previously only by hand.

The finished dough pieces are fed to the tunnel oven. After the baking is finished, the ready products are fed to the cooling conveyor, where they are cooled to the optimal temperature. After that, the matzo is conveyed to the table where it is packed.

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Our company also provides additional opportunities for this type of business:

  • completing of the existing production with necessary technologies;
  • development of the project for supply of communications;
  • commissioning;
  • training the personnel to work on the supplied equipment;
  • after-sales service.