Equipment for Georgian lavash and Uzbek flatbread baking

UkrTechnoFoods company developed the oven which is able to guarantee production of high quality Georgian lavash. It is also suitable for Uzbek flatbread baking, successfully replacing a traditional Tandoor. Product made on it is as good as the one made in traditional way. Set of equipment, including the modern oven for baking Georgian lavash, is able to produce 200 units of bread per one hour by 2 people only.  

Equipment set for the production of Georgian lavash and Uzbek flatbread:

1. Flour sifter with floor scales

2. Dough kneading machine

3. Water batcher with heating


4. Stainless steel table with weighing scales

5. Proofing cabinet

6. Oven with brick hearth

National types of bread of southern and eastern people are in demand due to its exotic and original taste. It is used as an addition to dishes of national cuisines, and also as an independent food product. The traditional way of production requires high professional skills. This caused the need to create a flatbread oven, which allows applying a modern approach to the production of national baked goods, such as Georgian lavash and Uzbek flat bread. Our equipment makes it possible to improve the whole process and preserve the taste qualities inherent in this type of bread.
The traditional way of making Georgian lavash is a laborious and complex process, especially at the baking stage: the baker needs skills and professionalism. Knowing these features, specialists of our design and engineering department developed a fundamentally new oven, which is easier to maintain and more productive.
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The presented equipment is universal: it can also bake Uzbek flatbread and other similar types of bread. The quality of the product is as good as of lavash bread baked in the traditional way.

All equipment is manufactured in our production facilities. Our specialists will consult you on all questions you may have. We carry out commissioning and staff training.

Advantages of our oven:

  • accessibility for baker’s work, all equipment is at the level of human height;
  • oven has a closed design, which does not lead to room heating and heat loss, reducing power consumption;
  • easy to maintain, does not require the special skills of a baker;
  • equipped with a geared motor manufactured in Italy;
  • stainless steel is used for covering;
  • regulation of the baking time of the product can be made in a wide range from 4 to 10 min using the Schneider frequency inverter;
  • hearth of the oven is made of fire-bricks, what ensures high-quality baking of the product.
  • As opposed to tandoor, our oven has all the necessary certification documents and ensures the safe operation of maintenance staff.

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Specifications of the oven for Georgian lavash and Uzbek flatbread:

Capacity, kg/h 200
Installed capacity, kW 62
Power consumption, kW 44±15%
Voltage, V 3х380
Staff, people/shift 4
Overall dimensions, mm  length 1680
 width 1580
 height 3200