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UTF-GROUP is the European manufacturer of food processing equipment. UTF-GROUP supplies equipment and lines for the production of various types of sugar biscuits, hard biscuits and crackers.

Machines for the production of Biscuites

The production of biscuits begins with the preparation of dough. After dosing and feeding ingredients into the mixer the mixing in a horizontal dough mixer is made.

In the production of hard biscuits the dough proofing is required; it can be accelerated by putting additives in dough or using a separate fermentation chamber with optimal conditions for proofing.

For sugar biscuit forming of dough pieces is made directly by stamping out of the dough mass. A shape, size and pattern of the surface are determined by the cells of the forming drum.

For the hard biscuit dough pieces are cut out of the dough ribbon by a forming rotor, which cuts pieces of a given shape, size and surface pattern. At the same time punctures are made to remove gases that occur during baking.

To get a hard biscuit the dough ribbon is formed by using a roller extruder. The formed ribbon pass through a laminator with multiple rolling and resting. To give the dough a layered structure the continuous dough is being laid as an “envelope” at the exit of the laminator. Getting a ribbon of a given thickness with preserving the structure of dough is carried out on a three-modular rolling machine.

Remains of dough ribbon after the forming of dough pieces can be returned for usage and, as a rule, the dough ribbon formed out of them is fed together with the ribbon from the laminator to the rolling machine.

To expand the range of finished products the biscuit is decorated by sprinkling with sugar or salt, spraying with oil or milk etc.

Decorating is made by quick-detachable decorating machines that can be installed both before and after the baking.

Baking is carried out in a tunnel oven with a wide range of regulation for ensuring optimal baking of various types of biscuits.

UTF-GROUP produces electric confectionery tunnel ovens up to 40 m long with a hearth width up to 1200 mm.

The cooling of the finished products down to the packaging temperature is made on a cooling conveyor system, the dimensions and set of which are determined by the product type and the equipment set of the line.

  • maximum exclusion of the human factor, which ensures stable quality of the finished product, minimal wastes and low production costs
  • equipment operation in the round-the-clock mode due to the modern technical solutions, usage of high-quality materials and components
  • profitable investment as a result of a unique combination of high quality and reasonable price, which is significantly lower than of world analogs
  • wide range of types and sizes of biscuit due to the use of quick-detachable forming rotors as well as due to molding equipment and oven control within the broad framework
  • easy access for cleaning and high-quality of materials, which are in contact with the product

  • Biscuit is one of the few types of confectionery products, which is an everyday consumer product, what ensures a stable demand and high profitability of its production.
    There are lots of types of biscuit that differ in the used dough and production technology. And there is an infinite number of varieties that differ in taste, size, shape, pattern, presence of sprinkling (sugar, salt, crushed nuts, etc.), frosting and other elements.


  • In order to organize an innovative and cost-effective enterprise it is not enough just to buy the equipment for the production of biscuit, it is much more important to organize the technological process considering planned capacity, future range, layout of premises and many other factors.
    UTF-GROUP is an expert in the field of the biscuit production. UTF-GROUP provides qualified advice to clients for the organization of production, technology and expansion of the enterprise. We have an extensive experience in the implementation of complex projects for the production of various types of biscuits, including those made on a turnkey basis.


  • Production of hard biscuit, which is technologically a difficult process, requires the use of a large range of equipment. Modern technologies allow both getting the product in the automatic mode and using the minimum amount of chemical additives as well as keeping the high quality of ready products.
    UTF-GROUP produces a complete set of equipment for biscuit production: stiff dough kneading machines, automatic fermentation chambers, dough ribbon extruders, hard dough ribbon laminators, dough remains recycling machines, rolling and forming machines, tunnel ovens, decorating machines and many other units of equipment.

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