Pita bread maker machines

Pita production line

UTF-GROUP, the biggest manufacturer of industrial lines for the production of different types of flatbread in Eastern Europe, developed equipment that allows organizing both small production of pita and large industrial enterprise for pita production.

Pita production mashines

Automatic dough divider makes portions of dough of a set weight, which are fed to the preliminary proofing.

Forming of pita dough pieces is made after proofing by two rolling machines which roll the dough consistently in two perpendicular directions.

The important step in the production of pita is dough proofing. Two-stage proofing of dough in conveyor chambers ensures the production of high-quality finished products in automatic mode.

Pita baking is carried out in track tunnel oven with the electric or gas heating. The oven is optimized for the baking of different types of flatbread.

Multitier conveyors are used for pita cooling after the baking. Long cooling time and at the same time necessity of saving areas require the use of complex technical solutions: multitier and spiral conveyors, forced cooling systems etc.

Pita bread making machine from UTF-GROUP is:
  • high automation level
  • accurate and adjustable thickness and shape of products
  • easy control system
  • advanced technological level
  • compliance with food safety requirements
  • PITA

  • Pita is a round flatbread, which is made of both wholemeal flour and wheat flour. Pita is extremely popular on the Mediterranean coast and in the Middle East countries. There are many varieties of pita: Arabian pita, Greek pita, Iraqi Lafa, etc.


  • The distinctive feature of the traditional pita is the following: the water steam, formed in the dough during pita baking, is accumulated in a bubble in the centre of flatbread, separating the layers of dough. Thus, inside the pita a “pocket” is formed, which can be opened by cutting the edge of the pita with a sharp knife. It is possible to put various salads, meat or other fillings in it.


  • An important element in the automation of pita production is the automation of the proofing process. The proofing should be carried out in two stages: the first stage -before rolling, the second – before baking. Conveyor proofing chambers ensure proofing without disrupting the whole technological process. For maximum space saving, the proofing chambers has the multitier design and the complex trajectory of movement

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