Eclair machines

Eclairs and profiteroles production lines

UTF-GROUP, the largest manufacturer of equipment for confectionery industry in Eastern Europe, manufactures equipment for the production of eclairs and profiteroles.

Machines for the production of eclairs and profiteroles

Forming of dough pieces is performed by depositing of choux pastry on the oven hearth’s steel sheet with a layer of fat applied on it. The dough is fed by hand or with a pump into the depositor. Depositing is made through depositing heads, in the depositing process machine can move in two planes.

The dough pieces formed on the steel sheet of the oven’s hearth are fed into baking chamber. The design of the convection oven provides optimal conditions for baking choux pastry due to a use of three temperature zones, forced air convection and a flexible digital control system.

Decorating of choux pastry cakes, including eclairs and profiteroles, can be done in manual, semi-automatic and automatic mode.

The equipment for filling eclairs and fondant application removes the cakes from the oven and precisely positions them on the step conveyor in automatic mode. The machine for filling and fondant application brings the filling inside the case of éclair in step-by-step mode and applies fondant on the top.

It is also possible to sprinkle cakes with loose ingredients (crushed nuts, sesame, wafer crumbs, etc.).

Eclairs and profiteroles equipment from UTF GROUP is:
  • unique combination of high quality and reasonable price
  • wide range of types and sizes of product
  • long service life and high operational reliability
  • modern design and ergonomics
  • high level of food and industrial safety
  • low maintenance costs and simplicity in operation

  • Choux pastry serves as the base for a large number of cakes. The most common products are oblong eclairs and round profiteroles. The variety of the range is provided by the recipe, fillings, various types of internal fillings and external decorating elements (fondant, various types of sprinkles, etc.).


  • The production of eclairs and profiteroles requires very precise adherence to the baking technology. If the baking temperature is too high, then the surface of the product is torn, it can be easily deformed. And at a low temperature choux pastry pieces rise poorly.
    Therefore, baking of high quality choux pastry products requires convection tunnel ovens with a flexible control system and precise regulation of several baking zones.


  • Choux pastry equipment from UTF-GROUP is designed for the productions requiring high capacity.
    In order to reach maximal economic efficiency of customer’s business the equipment has an ability to produce a wide range of products. This is achieved by a combination of three basic elements.
    Firstly, the design of the depositing heads provides their rotation, what allows producing cakes of various shapes, and the horizontal and vertical movements of the depositor ensure the forming of products of various sizes.
    Secondly, in the design a quick replacement of the bunker and the pumping shafts of the depositor is foreseen, what allows producing dough pieces made of shortcrust along with choux pastry.
    Thirdly, the oven ensures optimal baking conditions for the different products due to a digital control system of the movement speed regulation as well as an individual adjustment of temperature modes in several zones and air supply regulation.

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