Puff pastry production line – fully automated puff pastry making machine

Automatic puff pastry machine is developed by UkrTechnoFoods company based on multiyear experience, state-of-the-art technologies and taking into account all requirements of the market to the quality of product. Automatic puff pastry production line includes dough laminating line, product forming equipment and equipment for puff pastry baking.

Puff pastry is one of the traditionally popular delicacies. There is a wide range of shapes of these products:  from widespread croissants to tarts with different fillings and cakes on the puff pastry dough base. Variety of puff pastry products is determined not only by large quantity of shapes and fillings, but also by a choice of dough type: puff pastry dough with yeast or non-yeast puff pastry dough.

UkrTechnoFoods offers you the dough and pastry production line

Along with the production line you get the full support:

  • individual project of the equipment layout in accordance with available production premises;
  • installation works;
  • training of staff of independent operation on technological lines;
  • warranty and post-warranty technical maintenance;
  • technical advices on using of puff pastry machines and lines.
Pastry production line by UkrTechnoFoods provides an opportunity to produce puff pastry of both yeast and non-yeast type in the continuous mode. Due to a number of forming units and mechanisms you can produce a wide range of high quality products of different shapes.

Dough lamination and product forming equipment and making machines can work as separate units or in the set of fully automatic complex puff pastry production lines that also include tunnel ovens, conveyor cooling systems as well as packaging and freezing systems.

For croissant production a specialized machine for automatic forming of croissants of the required size with the high precision is used – croissant machine. 

Control of puff pastry making machine from the operator panels ensures the maximal automation of the production process and production of puff pastry that fully complies with consumer standards. 

Besides, using of automatic lines provides a benefit in consequence of reduction of net cost and labour expenditures as well as a percentage of spoilage in production and ensures a stable quality.

Puff pastry dough machine is made of materials and components that fully comply with European safety and hygienic standards.Using of modern high-quality pastry line, manufactured by UkrTechnoFoods, ensures faultless operation in the automatic mode.